The Spindrift Saga are an Australian band from the South Coast of NSW renowned for their explosive live shows, “catchy rhythms, bright licks” and huge alt funk-rock sound. Over the course of a decade, this act has gained a large underground following and accumulated a long list of achievements. Touring extensively, The Spindrift Saga has supported the likes of The Living End, Thirsty Merc, The Rubens, British India and many other music industry heavyweights. The band’s debut full-length record ‘Badnormous’ has received airplay around the country and earned The Spindrift Saga a unique place in the alternative rock scene. Since their album release, the band has released several new singles and are currently working on their highly anticipated sophomore album.

EST. 2010

The Spindrift Saga hail from the sleepy South Coast of New South Wales and features a talented lineup of musicians. Brothers, Chris (vocals/bass) and Mick (guitar) McGrath, alongside Danny Freeman (drums), come loaded with music degrees and have spent their lifetimes refining their craft. Together they have become known for their high energy live shows and incredible attention to musical detail, delivering tight and engaging performances both on stage and in the studio.


From 2015 to 2022, The Spindrift Saga supported Thirsty Merc and The Living End on several occasions, as well as landing supports for The Rubens, British India, Alpine, The Bennies, Maxi Priest (US #1 charting artist), Altyian Childs (X-Factor winner), Hockey Dad, The Strides and many more. In 2015 the band were the main support for The Waifs at Moruya’s Granite Town Festival in front of a crowd of 2,500. The Spindrift Saga also performed at the King Island Festival, Rock The Turf, Untapped, Nellijam and Tilba festivals. In 2017 the band travelled to Japan to perform their first international shows concluding with a sold-out performance at The Blues Alley in Tokyo. In 2018 and 2019 the band toured nationally several times on the back of new singles.



With comparisons being drawn to the music industry alternative heavyweights, “these lads have crafted a truly unique sound best described as electrifying”. The Spindrift Saga is a head-turning power trio with musical ‘chops’ to burn and cover an enormous diversity of styles in their performances. Influenced heavily by funk music, The Spindrift Saga welds this syncopated groove element seamlessly into their rock roots. The result is a 90s orientated sound that could be likened to acts such as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Living End, Soundgarden, Incubus and other industry frontrunners.


The band’s full-length album release ‘Badnormous’ dropped in 2016 and has since sold out of its first pressing of 1,000 CDs in addition to extensive digital sales. The debut album was well received by local community radio stations and has been labelled as an important independent rock release. ‘Badnormous’ follows up on The Spindrift Saga’s hugely successful 2014 single ‘Marvin’ and their 2011 EP release ‘300 Hours and Counting’. After the release of ‘Badnormous’, the band have shared three new singles “Batsh!t Bay”, “Smile” and “In and Out of Love” as they work towards their highly anticipated sophomore album. Each of these singles conveys new and exciting directions for The Spindrift Saga, delving deeper into their reggae, punk and grunge influences while retaining the funk-rock sound they are renowned for. With its tongue in cheek narrative of the 2016 bat plague, ‘Batsh!t Bay’ became a popular anthem for the band’s local town of Batemans Bay.

350+ SHOWS

The Spindrift Saga now has 350+ shows under their belts, and have proven themselves to consistently deliver incredible live performances. They’ve shared stages with many of Australia’s major acts and built a strong following of their own on the South Coast of NSW and beyond. After regular touring between 2015 and 2019 following the release of their debut album and several new singles, the band was forced to slow down their busy performance schedule during the Covid pandemic. The Spindrift Saga have used the break from touring to spend time with their families, explore solo projects and focus on writing and recording their next record, which they hope to release and tour later in 2022 or 2023.

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