Debut Album Badnormous Out Now!

Recently supported The Living End, Thirsty Merc, The Rubens, British India, The Bennies, Alpine, Maxi Priest, and many more!

Toured Japan in 2017

New Single In and out of Love available now!

The Spindrift Saga Biography

The Spindrift Saga are an independent Australian act renowned for their tight live shows, “catchy rhythms, bright licks” and big alt funk rock sound. In the last few years The Spindrift Saga have toured extensively and supported the likes of The Living End, Thirsty Merc, The Rubens, British India and other music industry heavyweights. The band’s debut full length record “Badnormous” has received airplay around the country and cemented The Spindrift Saga’s unique place in the alternative rock scene. The band have recently released four singles “Batsh!t Bay”, “Musical Theme”, “Smile” and “In and Out of Love”. In July 2017 The Spindrift Saga played their first international shows in Japan.

The Spindrift Saga hail from the sleepy South Coast of New South Wales and features a talented lineup of musicians. Chris McGrath, Mick McGrath and Danny Freeman all come loaded with Music degrees and have spent their lifetimes refining their craft. The trio are known for their incredibly engaging high energy live shows and attention to musical detail. Dave Tweedie joined The Spindrift Saga on bass for most of their 2017 shows.

From 2015 to 2020, The Spindrift Saga supported Thirsty Merc on several occasions, as well as landing supports for The Living End, The Rubens, British India, Alpine, The Bennies, Maxi Priest (US #1 charting artist), Altyian Childs (X-Factor winner), Hockey Dad, The Strides and many more. In 2015 the band were the main support for The Waifs at Moruya’s Granite Town Festival in front of a crowd of 2,500. The Spindrift Saga also performed at the King Island Festival, Rock The Turf, Untapped and Nellijam festivals. In 2017 the band undertook a large east cost tour visiting Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and many regional centres. Following this tour the band travelled to Japan to perform their first international shows concluding with a sold out performance at The Blues Alley in Tokyo. In 2018 and 2019 the band toured nationally several times on the back of new singles. The Spindrift Saga supported The Living End at sold out shows in Canberra and Batemans Bay in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

With comparisons being drawn to the music industries alternative heavyweights, “these lads have crafted a truly unique sound best described as electrifying”. The Spindrift Saga is a head-turning power trio with musical ‘chops’ to burn and cover an enormous diversity of styles in their performances. Influenced heavily by funk music, The Spindrift Saga welds this syncopated groove element seamlessly into their rock roots. The result is a sound that could be likened to acts such as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Living End, Soundgarden, Incubus and other industry frontrunners.

The band’s full length album release ‘Badnormous’ dropped early in 2016. The band signed to a independent digital distribution deal for the album, which is now available at most online music outlets. Badnormous was well received by local community radio stations and has been labelled as an important independent rock release. The full length album follows up on The Spindrift Saga’s hugely successful 2014 single ‘Marvin’ and their 2011 EP release ‘300 Hours and Counting’. New music is expected from The Spindrift Saga soon with their highly anticipated sophomore album currently in the works.

The Spindrift Saga now has 350+ shows under their belts, and have proven themselves to consistently deliver incredible live performances. They’ve shared stages with many of Australia’s major acts and built a strong following of their own on the South Coast of NSW and beyond. After regular touring between 2015 and 2020 following the release of their debut album and several new singles, the band are now focused on completing their sophomore record. There will be new music on the way in 2020, as well as a handful of festival dates and other shows in the first half of the year, followed by tours later in 2020 and early 2021. 



Music Releases


2016 Debut Album

The Spindrift Saga’s new album ‘Badnormous’ has dropped and the lads are going on the road jamm’n it in your ear holes. This is the bands first full length release and it has been a long time coming for these hard-hitting rock titans. After 6 years and nearly 200 shows, these lads are tighter than a fish’s rear end. The band is already well-known for their incredibly tight live performances and the new album is proof that these boys can deliver in the studio as well. ‘Badnormous is an epic Indie / Alt / Funk / Rock record, showcasing the bands broad and diverse influences and attention to musical detail.


  1. Sparta 4:22
  2. Marvin 3:51
  3. Musical Theme 4:46
  4. Dirty 4:255.
  5. Life 3:34
  6. The Ghost of Garlandtown 3:53
  7. Shoes Off 3:04
  8. Mumma Said 2:26
  9. Take a Breath 2:57
  10. Innocent Ignorance 3:17
  11. As the Story Goes 3:46
  12. Irrational Thought 0:16
  13. Thinkin’ 4:04

In and out of Love

2019 Single

As the title suggests falling In and out of Love explores the basics, human instincts, not being sure if things are right or not in a current relationship. Whether what you have is about just being physically attracted to someone or being attracted for a deeper emotional connection, the ever burning questions of lust or love and the grey areas in between. Inspired by the ever controversial reality shows in the vein of marrying strangers or competing for roses and attention, and how sometimes it can be a little frustrating and confusing to be part of the human race.

The band approached the recording process differently this time, recording Danny Freeman’s drums off site, while Mick and Chris McGrath recorded their parts at Chris’ studio, ‘Samurai Studios’. Long time band friend Dave Tweedie from Dave Cave Studios was on board to help out with recording and mixing, the result is a feel that’s almost grungy and maybe a bit obtrusive, but in a fun, friendly kind of way; this songs ingredients might be “a tablespoon of Birds of Tokyo, a pinch of Muse, and a cup of salt… water!”


2017 Single

Smile is a track about travelling through the ups and downs of modern life and somehow managing to keep a smile on your face. It’s got a vibe as though Powderfinger had a secret love affair with a Rastafarian and then disowned the bastard child the moment it arrived. Straight up rock with a smattering of reggae and some seriously bouncy swagger. It has the signature Spindrift treatment, but it’s definitely a new direction and vibe. If anything can pick you up from a rough day in the rat race, it’s a tune about smiling.

Musical Theme

2017 Single

Musical theme is centred around the search for creative inspiration. Beginning with notions of frustration with getting our music “out there”, into the world of radio airplay and pushing against the resistance to the budding original music scene in our area at the time. But attempting a positive mindset becomes necessary, and the lyrics soon turn to “everything happens for a reason”; That’s what was needed to climb that “wall of frustration” and to start to enjoy writing music again.

This all lead to looking outward for insight and ideas, looking beyond the mainstream that so often limits and contains us, with it all resulting in a chorus that related the search for a desired musical idea; to the search for a desired relationship. The addition of the instrumental bridge we thought necessary to the progression of the theme of the tune. Follow it up with hours of rehearsal and Musical Theme was born!

Batsh!t Bay

2016 Single

On Saturday 5th November 2016, local alt / funk rockers The Spindrift Saga launched their new ‘Batsh!t Bay’ single at The Bayview Hotel. The title of this little ditty says it all. This partially ‘tonguein-cheek’, laid-back funk number reeks (pun intended) of the recent upheaval that divided our fine community. You can almost smell the feces when the chorus arrives and you’ll be recalling your stance on the topic by the end of the first verse.

At times, this track will have you empathising with these furry little delights and it does a great job of outlining the 2-winged epidemic that almost stopped the earth spinning on its axis. It’s a cleverly crafted number, which spawned from the Aptly defaced Batemans Bay sign that was altered to read ‘Bat Shit Bay’ at the height of the towns outrage. The band, who are keen to not be recognised as a political protest act, just couldn’t resist in this instance. Batsh!t Bay sets out to provide a historical musical record of the bat-fueled mayhem of 2016.


2014 Single

Marvin was the lead single from The Spindrift Saga’s debut album Badnormous. It received significant airplay at the time of it’s release and is also accompanied by a video clip created by MusicOz Video of the Year winner Antoine Moawad. Opening with precision musicianship, which is carried out throughout the during of the track, Marvin displays the Spindrift Saga’s fine tuned rhythmic engine room. With tongue in cheek lyrical content, and a rhythm that will guarantee to get your feet moving.

300 Hours and Counting

2011 Debut EP

The Spindrift Saga’s debut EP ‘300 Hours And Counting’ was released in 2011, with the band receiving radio airplay for some of the songs featured on the release. Although the record is now 8 years old, songs such as ‘Kinda Girl’ remain crowd favourites to this day.


  1. Early In the Morning 3:22
  2. Play Your Games 3:48
  3. Revolution 3:14
  4. Kinda Girl 3:00

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