Rubble and Stone (Vinyl)


Rubble and Stone is an alternative rock powerhouse and a musical summary of The Spindrift Saga’s 13 year journey, slugging it out as an independent three-piece act. Enjoy this record in all its glory on high quality vinyl. Comes with gatefold packaging and custom printed vinyl sleeves.

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This album takes the band back to its musical roots, with big catchy riffs, exceptional lyricism and heavy grooves, while also delivering new levels of musical creativity and exploration. Years in the making and born in a pre-covid landscape, the extra time dedicated to the creative process enabled the band to work, re-work and refine this album into a brilliantly polished diamond.

Recorded in a world class studio, The Spindrift Saga decided to throw everything, including the kitchen sink at this record. Lyrically, Rubble and Stone is an avant-garde work of art – a deep exploration and expression of the brash and unpredictable nature of a maverick spirit, highlighting the associated highs and lows of life.

The band’s goal with this record was to leave no stone unturned, and the boys did just that. Deeply proud of the final product, this album and all of its underpinnings will see The Spindrift Saga leave their mark as a genuine player at the top of the Australian Rock scene.

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