On Saturday 5th November 2016, local alt / funk rockers The Spindrift Saga launched their new ‘Batsh!t Bay’ single at The Bayview Hotel. The title of this little ditty says it all. This partially ‘tongue-in-cheek’, laid-back funk number reeks (pun intended) of the recent upheaval that divided our fine community. You can almost smell the feces when the chorus arrives and you’ll be recalling your stance on the topic by the end of the first verse.

At times, this track will have you empathising with these furry little delights and it does a great job of outlining the 2-winged epidemic that almost stopped the earth spinning on its axis. It’s a cleverly crafted number, which spawned from the Aptly defaced Batemans Bay sign that was altered to read ‘Bat Shit Bay’ at the height of the towns outrage. The band, who are keen to not be recognised as a political protest act, just couldn’t resist in this instance. Batsh!t Bay sets out to provide a historical musical record of the bat-fueled mayhem of 2016.